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Welcome to The Indie List!

At the start of 2021, I compiled a list of bookshops that were still open during lockdown for all sorts of shopping, events and general uplifting spirit. I consciously left out independent publishers, many of whom sell their books through their own websites directly, to include them on a much bigger database of independent publishers across the UK and Ireland.

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If you are a publisher and would like to be included in the list, please drop me a message through the contact page or via my social media channels.

Publisher of the Month

Repeater Books

Repeater Books is dedicated to the creation of a new reality. The landscape of twenty-first-century arts and letters is faded and inert, riven by fashionable cynicism, egotistical self-reference and a nostalgia for the recent past. Repeater intends to add its voice to those movements that wish to enter history and assert control over its currents, gathering together scattered and isolated voices with those who have already called for an escape from Capitalist Realism. Our desire is to publish in every sphere and genre, combining vigorous dissent and a pragmatic willingness to succeed where messianic abstraction and quiescent co-option have stalled: abstention is not an option: we are alive and we don’t agree.

The Map

This map shows the publishers across the UK and Ireland that are currently on The Indie List (apart from those who are only online). Who’s your closest publisher?

Featured on The Indie List…

3 of Cups Press
103 Books
Barbican Press
Bearded Badger Publishing
Bluemoose Books
Breaking Rules Publishing
Broken Sleep Books
Cahill Davis Publishing
Comma Press
Dahlia Publishing
The Do Book Co.
Dog Section Press
Dodo Ink
Eiderdown Books
Elsewhen Press
Envelope Books
époque press
Eyrie Press
Fly on the Wall Press
Formy Books
Fum d’Estampa Press
Gallic Books
Greenteeth Press
Halban Publishers
Handheld Press

Haus Publishing
Hazel Press
Head of Zeus
Hideaway Fall
Honno Welsh Women’s Press (Gwasg Menywod Cymru)
The Indigo Press
Inspired Quill
Lendal Press
Linen Press Books
Little Door Books
Little Island Books
Little Toller Books
Lolli Editions
Lost Shoe Publishing
Luna Press
Makina Books
Master House Publishing
Moist Books
Monnath Books
Neem Tree Press
No Alibis Press
Nordisk Books
Northodox Press
Ockham Publishing Group
Onwe Press
Open Pen

Orenda Books
Otranto Press
Parthian Books
Peirene Press
Penned in the Margins
Polari Press
The Pound Project
Pushkin Press
Red Dog Press
Renard Press
Ringwood Publishing
Sandstone Press
Seren Books
Sinoist Books
small leaf press
SmashBear Publishing
Strange Attractor Press
Tangerine Press
UCLan Publishing
Vagabond Voices
Velocity Press
Victorina Press
Watkins Publishing
Weatherglass Books
Wild Hunt Books
Y Lolfa
ZunTold Publishing


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